Dental Makeover

Having a fascinating smile takes effort. With smile makeover services, patients can expect to achieve the smile of their dreams. We integrate and combine the goodness of cosmetic and restorative sciences to cater to individual smile requirements.

During your initial consultation with us, we take into consideration several aspects of your facial appearance such as the skin tone, hair color, gum tissues, teeth (color, width, length, shape, size), and lips. Your smile makeover would be designed and planned based on unique considerations.

Functional and Aesthetic Components of Dental Makeover

Alignment and spacing: We rectify teeth alignment and spacing issue by analyzing crooked and overlapping teeth. The patient would be advised on necessary orthodontic treatment for the same.

Missing Teeth:Having one or more missing teeth that degrade your smile not only in terms of appearance but also function wise. Missing teeth can also increase the chances of dental decay affecting the patient's oral health and facial esthetics.

Appearance: Teeth that are uneven, chipped, or cracked can be bonded and restored back for improved appearance. Gum recontouring can resolve gummy smile to improve the overall appearance of the gums and teeth.

Lips, smile, cheeks:Orthodontic and oral maxillofacial services can restore an aging or disproportionate face.

Teeth proportions:A cosmetic dentist would be able to recognize and determine if teeth are in correct proportion and work towards guiding the length and width of teeth into the aesthetic zone.

Smile Line: A smile line appears across the edges of the upper teeth from side to side and is required to be of the same as that of the lower lip curve. Dentists would use a reference point to determine how your teeth must be aligned.

Maintaining Results

As essential as it sounds, proper maintenance of the teeth and gums with regular oral hygiene care can go a long way in providing lasting results of your smile makeover. Your dentist would advise on the best methods to keep up your smile.

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