Dentistry offers patients several methods of replacing broken, damaged, or missing teeth. Implants are fixed replacements, while there are other dental prosthetics that may be both fixed and removable. Dentures are fixed/removable prosthetic devices that are designed and constructed to replace missing teeth. They are also known as "false teeth", and can support the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

What are the different types of dentures?

Dentures can be classified as complete and partial dentures.

Complete dentures -  Complete dentures are made out of a plastic gum colored base (mostly made out of durable acrylic material) that supports an entire set of artificial teeth made out of plastic or porcelain. They are held in the mouth by sealing with the surface of the gums above the jawbone.

Partial dentures - Partial dentures are used to replace two or more missing teeth. They are made with a supportive base of acrylic or metal that would have the attached number of replacement teeth. Partial dentures are held together using clasps that would be set around the natural teeth.

What is the process involved in getting dentures?

Designing the right denture would involve taking a series of dental impressions of the oral cavity that would ultimately support the denture. These impressions would be sent over to a lab where the dentist/lab technician would use the impressions to make models of the patient's mouth. The dentures would be built over the model. Once ready, the dentist would set and place the custom-made dentures in place of the missing set of teeth. The dentist would ensure for perfect fit by making the necessary adjustments.

If the patient requires a complete replacement of teeth from the upper and lower jaws, the dentist would place a temporary denture/immediate denture after tooth removal until the permanent ones are ready.

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