Tooth extraction is a simple dental procedure that involves removal of unwanted teeth from the oral cavity. At times, removing or pulling teeth from its location in the oral cavity could be necessary to improve the patient's dental health.

What may the possible reasons for a tooth extraction?

Orthodontic care:Sometimes wearing braces for orthodontic treatment would require removing one or more teeth.

Overcrowding: An overcrowded set of teeth (wisdom teeth) maybe removed if there is no space to accommodate them. Its presence would only cause more infection.

Damage or decay:The only way to halt infection from a severely damaged tooth would be to remove it.

What is the procedure involved in a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction procedure would be performed by an oral surgeon or by a dentist. The dentist would first numb the area with a local anesthesia or an intravenous sedative. Your tooth extraction procedure can be classified as simple and surgical based on the complexity of the case.

Simple: Simple extractions are mainly done on teeth that are more visible, or at the front of the mouth. This procedure can be done on damaged/decayed teeth or prior to getting dental braces. A simple tooth extraction  can also be performed by general dentists. While undergoing this procedure, the dentist would first administer a local anesthesia.

Surgical:Surgical tooth extractions maybe performed on impacted or badly broken teeth. The patient may be administered a general anesthesia before procedure. It would involve making surgical incisions and suturing.

Post-procedure Care

Post a tooth extraction procedure, it is necessary to follow your dentist's oral care instructions. Patients may keep a soft diet for the first few days after the tooth extraction. It is also advised to not brush roughly anywhere close to the extraction/surgical site for the first few days after the procedure.

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