As young children, maintaining oral health can be a tough call. Children tend to consume all sorts of food and beverages that are high in sugar and may be irregular in following routine oral hygiene habits. Apart from teaching your child to practice routine brushing and flossing, it is highly recommended that parents bring their child for dental checkups once every six months.

To ensure that children do not acquire early dental decay, dental hygienists apply a special plastic coating over the surface of the teeth known as sealants. They offer both children and adults with maximum protection against bacterial accumulation inside the grooves and corners of teeth.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are extremely thin, bio-compatible, plastic coatings that are applied on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent damage from dental decay. Sealants are quick to bond into grooves and depressions, providing a protective shield against particle accumulation. This is particularly helpful for children who may not be able to reach deep corners of the mouth while brushing and flossing.

Who should wear dental sealants?

As children and teenagers are more likely to develop early dental decay, they stand as an excellent candidate for sealants. Parents may bring their child once in every six months for a hygiene visit where the dentist would apply sealants after an oral examination and teeth cleaning session. Sealants are generally applied on the permanent molars and premolars.

In some cases, sealants are also recommended for baby teeth as they play an important role in the growth pattern for permanent teeth.

What is the procedure involved in getting dental sealants?

Applying sealants are part of the routine preventive process during the patient's hygiene visit with a dentist. It is a simple procedure which does not borrow much time from the patients and can be quickly completed in a matter of minutes.

The process begins by thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity and drying it out. The dentist would apply a solution on the chewing surfaces of the teeth that would help bond the sealant even more quickly to the teeth. After application of the dental sealant, it would be rinsed and dried out.

Dental sealants have a really good success rate and can last for several years post its application. However, it is always advised to have them checked once in a while for wearing or chipping.

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