Tooth Fillings

What happens when cavity invades the good tissues of your teeth? Do you consider extracting it or simply restoring it?

Dental cavities are one of the most trending dental conditions till date. Their presence inside the oral cavity is contagious as it has the potential to pose as a threat to the health and function of other healthy tissues inside the mouth. Instead of extracting such teeth, it is possible to restore it back to its health with the help of dental fillings.

What are dental fillings?

In order to treat dental cavities, your dentist would remove the portion of the tooth that is decayed and fill the cavity with a biocompatible material in the form of a filling.

Dental fillings are a minimally invasive method of treating cracks, broken or damaged teeth.

What is the process involved in getting dental fillings?

The procedure would begin by numbing the area around the tooth with a local anesthesia to ensure ease and comfort. The dentist would reach inside the tooth by using an abrasion instrument to remove all existing bacteria and decay. After its removal, the cavity would be cleansed and disinfected. This is part of preparing the tooth to receive the filling material.

Once prepared, the dentist would fill the cavity with a compatible filling material in the form of layers. A special curing light would allow to set the filling material hardening it inside the tooth. The dentist would also trim and shape the filling material to remove any excessive material. Finally, the newly restored tooth would be polished and set.

Fillings can restore both function and aesthetics of the damaged teeth. The type of filling material can be decided as per choice of the patient. Today, composite or tooth-colored fillings are the most popular type of dental fillings. It also functions as a cosmetic remedy for teeth that are placed at a more visible portion of the mouth.

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