Night Guards

Night guards are oral appliances that are designed and fabricated to treat patients suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding). As you wear night guards, the appliance offers supreme protection of the teeth and the upper and lower jaws from grinding against each other.

Bruxism may have caused due to a number of reasons. Most patients are unaware that they maybe sufferers of this dental condition unless they visit a dentist. It could be the result of a dental trauma, stressful situations at school or work, an abnormal bite, missing or presence of crooked teeth. Bruxism has several consequences if not dealt with earlier. Teeth grinding or intensive clenching of teeth can lead to damage, cracked teeth, or even loss of teeth. Wearing night guards can help prevent the damage inflicted due to teeth clenching.

Types of Night guards

Night guards maybe of three types based on the patient's requirements.

  • Soft night guards
  • Dual laminate night guards
  • Acrylic night guards

Soft night guards

These night guards are prescribed for patients with mild cases of bruxism. For patients whose cases of bruxism isn't severe, soft night guards can provide a soft layer of protection to preserve teeth structure.

Dual laminate night guards

Dual laminate night guards are meant for patients with a more severe case of teeth grinding. Its excellent properties allows the patient to use the appliance for longer. Such night guards are soft on the inside and hard on the outside offering durability and protection.

Acrylic night guards

Acrylic night guards are more rigid by nature making it much more rigid than dual laminate night guards. Such night guards are made out of hard acrylic plastic material. As they are rigid by nature, it is mandatory that they are custom build. Patients would be advised to regularly clean and maintain their night guards for optimum and lasting benefits.

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