Periodontal Maintenance

Having healthy gums are as important as having a healthy set of teeth. As you visit your dentist for routine dental cleanings, the dentist would perform a prophylaxis, which is a professional dental cleaning procedure. This procedure primarily focuses on removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria from teeth's surface.

Dental Cleaning

Performing regular dental cleaning is essential to maintaining good overall health, and to keep gum diseases at bay. If any substance or remnant of tartar remains in spite of undergoing a dental prophylaxis, it has the potential to disease the gum tissues leading to periodontal disease.

Deep cleanings

Deep cleaning, i.e scaling and root planing is a part of periodontal maintenance. It involves a cleaning session that is more in detail and in-depth as compared to a regular cleaning. Here, the periodontist would work on cleaning out your gum pockets. Some cases may require a surgical approach.

Periodontal Maintenance

Once you've been diagnosed with periodontal disease, the next step would be to undergo periodontal maintenance. The treatment process involves not only prophylaxis or addressing the restorations, but also the tooth roots, gums, and bones.

Non-surgical Treatment

Scaling - Removal of tartar and bacteria from beneath the gums and surface of the teeth

Root Planing -This procedure smoothes out root surfaces, prevents buildup of tartar and bacteria

Antibiotics - Application of topical or intake of oral antibiotics can keep away infections. Patients may also use an antibacterial mouthwash.

Surgical Treatment

Pocket Reduction - A surgical procedure that removes bacteria and tartar deposited inside gum pockets. The periodontist would make an incision in the gum tissues, exposing the roots of the tooth. A pocket reduction surgery can also recounter the underlying bone before suturing the gum tissues back into place.

Soft tissue grafts - Soft tissue grafts can help recounter receded gum tissues. They can help reduce the chances of gum recession.

Bone grafting - A bone grafting is generally performed when periodontal disease has destroyed the bone surrounding the tooth. This procedure helps prevent bone loss. The grafts may be taken from the patient's body or could be donated.

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